Pickering Middle School

Building Project

Design Phase

Educational Visioning Sessions

Virtual Educational Visioning – Workshop Overview


Workshop One – Exploring Future Ready Learning Goals

Workshop One Presentation – 11.9.22

Workshop One Video Recording – 11.9.22

Workshop One Meeting Notes – 11.9.22

Workshop Two Presentation – 11.16.22

Workshop Two Recording – 11.16.22

Workshop Two Meeting Notes – 11.16.22

Education Visioning Community Forum Presentation- 11.30.22

Education Visioning Community Forum Recording- 11.30.22

Education Visioning Community Meeting Notes- 11.30.22

Workshop Three Presentation – 12.07.22

Workshop Three Recording – 12.07.22

Workshop Three Meeting Notes – 12.07.22

Feasibility Study – Preliminary Design Program (PDP)

3.1 Cover Letter and TOC

3.1.0 Overview

3.1.1 Introduction

3.1.2 Educational Program

3.1.3 Initial Space Summary

3.1.4 Evaluation of Existing Conditions

3.1.5 Site Development Requirements

3.1.6 Evaluation of Alternatives

3.1.7 Local Actions and Approvals

3.1.8 Appendices Bound

Feasibility Study – Preferred Schematic Report (PSR)

3.3.0 Cover Letter and TOC

3.3 Overview of the PSR Submission

3.3.1 Introduction

3.3.2 Evaluation of Existing Conditions

3.3.3 Final Evaluation of Alternatives

3.3.4 Preferred Solution

3.3.5 Local Actions and Approvals

3.3.6 Appendices Bound

Current Project Renderings (Schematic Design)

View from above Magnolia Ave

View from above Conomo Ave

View from above Meadow CT

View from above Magnolia Park

Ground level view from Magnolia Park

Proposed New Pickering Site Plan

Proposed New Pickering Floor Plans